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Thomas Gunn

Rom011- Carthaginian War Elephant with 3 figures


Thomas Gunn 

Rom048 – Roman War Elephant set with 2 figures




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Tradition of London

2020 Christmas 6 pc. Set

Garde Grenadiers Full Dress 1804-1815
The French Army
54mm gloss paint

Price Code D

Will only be available in the year of issue

2020 Christmas set - Garde Grenadiers Full Dress 1804-1815 - The French Army - 54mm Painted in Gloss


Tradition of London

54mm gloss painted toy soldier
Price Code: G
Set #1303
Lawrence of Arabia on camel



The following King and Country sets are expected at the end of October 2020

Christmas Set

XM020Young Carol SingersUS $129.00


VN089The 106mm Recoilless Rifle Set – US $99.00
VN088 – Viet Cong Mortar Set – US $109.00

The Real West

TRW178 – Eagles Wing – US$49.00
TRW177 – Holding on to his Horse – US 109.00
TRW176 – Fighting to the End – US $109.00
TRW175 – Bloody Lance – US $119.00

Napoleonic Wars

NA464Grenadier on Guard Duty US $45.00
NA463Grenadier Presenting Arms – US $45.00
NA462 – Grenadier Officer SalutingUS $45.00
NA461Marching DrummerUS $49.00
NA460Marching GrenadierUS $45.00
NA458Subaltern w/Regimental Color US $63.00
NA457Marching Officer w/Sabre US $45.00

Streets of Old Hong Kong

HK300G/M Street Toy SellerUS $259.00

Ancient Egypt

AE084Snake CharmerUS $47.00
AE083Court MusiciansUS $85.00
AE082New Kingdom Dance TroupeUS $129.00
AE023 Original Temple Dancers US $85.00